Digital Innovation Workshop

You are a small or medium-sized business thinking about growing your business online?

You want to involve management and staff in developing innovative approaches for future-proofing your company?

We’ll show you how!

Digital thinking

We’ll introduce you to digital business models and show you how companies in your sector are growing their business online.

Big budgets are not always key – what matters are processes with a radical focus on innovative ideas and customer needs.

We’ll introduce you to the ‘Lean Startup’ approach developed by Eric Ries and show you how you can measure innovation to make faster progress.

Digital action

Together with you and your team, we develop an idea for making your business more successful online. To ensure it takes you in the right direction, we help you identify key assumptions and a protocol for testing them on a small budget.

If the assumptions are validated after the workshop, there’s nothing standing in the way of your digital expansion.

Structure at a glance:

  • A look at successful digital models in your sector
  • The basics of the ‘Lean Startup’ approach developed by Eric Ries
  • Development of an idea
  • Identification of key assumptions and a protocol for testing them

What will you get out of it?

Depending on the sector, the ideas and test protocols resulting developed in the workshop can vary widely.

You could have an idea for a new sales channel, a different advertising strategy or even an efficient way to recruit new staff online.

What’s important is that the idea developed in the workshop solves a genuine problem and can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

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